In our workplace,
Diversity Empowers Excellence.

You deserve to work in a place where diversity and inclusion are not mere programs or policies, but part of the DNA. Where you can thrive with others who embrace a wide array of ideas, perspectives, ambitions, backgrounds and talents to achieve a unified mission. Where your voice will be heard, valued, and respected. Bring your individual qualities to Carilion Clinic, and together we’ll continue to build a professional setting that is as unique as you are.


At Carilion Clinic, you’ll be part of an organization whose team members reflect the community you serve. This enhanced understanding of our patients and their families will empower you to better respect, appreciate, and deliver care to the neighbors who count on us. It’s the key to improving the health and well-being of our patients and to providing a career environment where you feel welcome and prepared to succeed.


Your world is changing by the moment, with an evolving set of cultural norms and expectations. Which is why Carilion Clinic is committed to furthering your ability to understand the complexities of diversity and inclusion through education. Here, you’ll find courses on such topics as self-awareness, handling diversity-related conflict, creating a culture of equity, and leading multi-generational teams


Before you were a professional, you were an individual with a distinctive background and a personality shaped by the experiences and personal qualities that make you … you. To honor the unique qualities of our team members and support their career goals, we have formed employee resource groups (ERGs).

Each ERG provides the opportunity for you to assemble with others who have similar passions and goals, share useful information, help you work through common issues, advance, and succeed as a professional. Here are the ERGs you can join at Carilion Clinic:

Military Community ERG

The Military Community ERG works to foster a welcoming and supporting environment for current and former military service members and their supporters.

The Accessibility Advocates ERG

The Accessibility Advocates ERG works to promote an inclusive physical, mental, social, and digital work environment for both Carilion employees and the community members we serve.

Women's ERG

The Womens ERG works to provide support, promote collaboration, foster networking, encourage development, and serve as a voice for women and their supporters. The ERG champions a positive and inclusive work environment.

Multi-cultural ERG

The Multi-Cultural ERG works to create an environment for employees that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion of various backgrounds, cultures, & socioeconomic statuses.


The LGBTQ+ Allies ERG is dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming and affirming environment where all employees can do their best work as their authentic selves and all members of our communities will receive quality care.

Diversity and Inclusion at Carilion Clinic

If you’re wondering why people love their Carilion Clinic careers, please watch these compelling video testimonials. Each features an individual story about how our approach to diversity and inclusion can open doors, make your work more fulfilling, and empower you to succeed.

Chioma Princely, R.N., is one of the first international nurses who joined our organization through Avant Healthcare Professionals, a program that works to make long-term matches between internationally educated health care professionals and health care facilities in the U.S.

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 In the Neurology and Stroke unit on 12 West at CRMH, patients are faced with a diagnosis that can often lead to confusion and stress. That's where Gideon Gbemi, R.N., comes in. With his calming demeanor, contagious smile and knack for singing, Gideon is often able to bring a sense of calm to help his patients during their recovery process.

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When Gloria Cooper was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, she didn't let it get in the way of living a normal life. Coworkers and patients would comment on how they couldn't tell that she was sick because of how attentive she still was at work, how polished she always looked and how positive she continued to be.

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At Carilion Clinic, we are committed to the principles of equal employment opportunity and affirmative action. Carilion managers and supervisors are encouraged to support our commitment by providing equal opportunities to current and prospective employees in all aspects of employment and personnel management.

All employees are asked to work together to develop an environment that promotes and fosters mutual employee respect and a harmonious, productive workplace free of harassment, intimidation or any other form of discrimination.

Any employee with a question or concern regarding affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, discrimination, sexual harassment or harassment of any other nature is encouraged to bring it to the attention of their immediate manager. Issues involving an employee’s immediate manager may be directed to a manager at the next highest level. Employees may also call their Human Resources consultant at 800-695-5656 for assistance.